Results Below for G4's American Ninja Challenges


No.51 Brett Sims failed Jumping Spider/1st

No.87 Colin Bell failed Jumping Spider/1st


No.1989 Levi Meeueenburg failed Cliff Hanger/3rd

No.1945 Brian Orosco failed Flying Chute/1st

No.1957 Brett Sims failed Warped Wall(injured)/1st

NOTE:Brett injured his foot while training before Sasuke 20 and re-injured it on the Jumping Spider making him unable to finish Stage 1.


No.99 Levi Meeueenburg failed Salmon Ladder/2nd

No.75 Brian Orosco failed Salmon Ladder/2nd

No.35 Luci Romberg failed Halfpipe Attack/1st

No.40 Kevin Pereria failed Log Grip/1st

No.51 Mark Witmer failed Log Grip(injured)/1st

No.27 Olivia Munn failed Sextuple Step/1st

NOTE:Mark hurt his hand while training before Sasuke 21 and he never recovered before the Competition.


No.50 David Campbell failed Rope Ladder/1st

No.91 Levi Meeueenburg failed Slider Jump/1st

No.44 Luci Romberg failed Jumping Spider/1st

No.40 Olivia Munn failed Circle Hammer/1st