The Final Stage is the last challenge. Only three people have conquered it, Kazuhiko Akiyama, Makoto Nagano and Yuuji Urushihara. In the 3rd and 24th competitions, a record five competitors attempted the final stage, though on average, a competitor only reached it every other tournament.


The Final Stage has many known forms:

Comp # Final Stage Obstacles Total Height Time Limit
1 → 4 15m Rope Climb 21 [15m] 15 metres (49 ft) 30.0
5 → 17 Spider Climb 22 [12.5m] 10m Rope Climb 21 [10m] 22.5 metres (74 ft) 30.0
18 → 22 Heavenly Ladder [13m] G Rope [10m] 23 metres (75 ft) 45.0
23 → 24 40.0
25 Unknown Unknown Unknown

Obstacle DescriptionsEdit

15m Rope Climb
Competitors must climb a 15m rope within 30 seconds starting in a sitting position, once they reach the top they then hit a buzzer to claim total victory. If they do not reach the top in 30 second the rope is cut and the competitor (wearing a safety harness) fall back down to the bottom until the harness catches them.
10m Rope Climb
Same as 15m Rope Climb except the rope was shortened to 10m when they added the Spider Climb since the 5th competition.
Spider Climb
The competitor must climb up to walls parallel to each other, similar to the Spider Walk but you only go in an upwards direction. This lasts for 12.5m and then the competitor is faced with the 10m Rope Climb straight away with no break point. If the Spider Climb isn't climbed in 15 seconds the walls start to move apart making it harder and harder to climb and eventually impossible. At that point the competitor fall to the bottom were the safety hardness catches them. The time limit to climb the tower is still 30 seconds when the Spider Climb was added.
Heavenly Ladder
Replacing the Spider Climb in the 18th competition the competitor must climb a 13m rope ladder where they are faced with the G Rope straight away with no break point. The competitor must start with one foot on the ground before climbing. The ladder also has a lot of slack at the ground so it does not move around too much when competitors climb it. It is believed that from the 18th competition to the 21st competition the ladder was made of steel as opposed to the rope ladder used in the 22nd competition.
Replacing the 10m Rope Climb in the 18th competition the competitor must climb a 10m rope that is suspected to be a Bungee Rope, thus why the name was changed. It is suspected that when the competitor climbs the rope it bounces and is pulled down in order to make the climbing process slower. The rope is attached to some wires at the top of the tower thus making the Bungee Theory logical. The rope is no longer cut if the competitor runs out of time due to the Heavenly Ladder being put into place.