Hitoshi Kanno

Hitoshi Kanno at a Sasuke tournament. I don't know if it's from Sasuke 23 or 24.

Hitoshi Kanno is a gymnast and a University graduate. He is a close friend of Grand Champion Yuuji Urushihara. He is one of the New Stars, and once competed alongside former champion Makoto Nagano in the final stage in Sasuke 23. He also once asserted to be the 3rd Ninja Warrior champion, until Yuuji Urushihara took the spot in Sasuke 24. He is second-ranked on the New Stars. When Sasuke 25 began, a video profile was shown where he said "You're looking at the 4th Ninja Warrior Grand Champion right now", but he was felled by the Balance Tank in Stage 2, and in Sasuke 26, he was taken out by the new Rolling Escargot in the First Stage.


As of 2012, Kanno has competed on Ninja Warrior eight times.

  • Sasuke 22 (49) - Disqualified on Spider Flip - Third Stage +
  • Sasuke 23 (96) - Failed Rope Climb - Final Stage
  • Sasuke 24 (99) - Failed Warped Wall - First Stage =
  • Sasuke 25 (89) - Failed Balance Tank - Second Stage
  • Sasuke 26 (93) - Failed Rolling Escargot - First Stage
  • Sasuke 27 (1) - Withdrew on Double Salmon Ladder - Second Stage ++

+ Kanno's foot accidentally touched a metal beam and he climbed the beam, thus getting disqualified.

++ Kanno injured his shoulder on the Spinning Bridge in the First Stage and after he cleared the Slider Drop, he withdrew because of the injury.

= Although Kanno lost a lot of time on the Warped Wall, he made it past and he ran out of time to complete the First Stage. This upset Kanno a lot, and he was comforted by Yuuji Urushihara who commented "Ninja Warrior is tough" after his shocking defeat.