Toshihiro Takeda(sometimes mislisted as Toshiro Takeda)is a 34 year old firefighter from ibi in gifu prefecture. As an All-Star he has competed 18 times but he's the only All-Star never to reach the final stage.

5th:failed Spider Walk_74 2nd

6th:failed Body Prop_93 3rd

7th:failed Rope Climb_96 1st

8th:failed Pipe Slider_71 3rd

9th:failed Lamp Grasper_97 3rd

10th:failed Jump Hang _997 1st

11th:failed Body Prop_97 3rd

12th:failed Pipe Slider_95 3rd

13th:failed Cliff Hanger_98 3rd

14th:failed Cliff Hanger_97 3rd

15th:failed Devil Balanco_96 3rd

16th:failed Cliff Hanger_98 3rd

17th:failed Pipe Slider_91 3rd

18th:failed Salmon Ladder_86 2nd

19th:failed Warped Wall_96 1st

20th:failed Final Climb_1995 1st

21st:failed Hang Climbing_98 3rd

22nd:failed Jumping Spider#_92 1st

# When Takeda jumped up to the walls he tumbled off the mat where Rie Komiya landed after she failed.

After that defeat Takeda was said to be able to compete for a top time,if you have DVR or if you pay attention

to the replay you can see Takeda Didn't hit the trampoline in the center and one of his hands slipped from the