Mr. Octopus

The wise, old, and legendary Mr. Octopus with an octopus on his shoulder.

Mr. Octopus is a challenger in the Ninja Warrior competitions. His fans have given him this name because of his tendency to bring some octopi with him up to the starting line. His real name is Kuramochi Minoru.

Although he is a famous competitor, being in 13 SASUKE tournaments, Mr. Octopus sucks at the whole thing. He continuously falls on the first obstacle, almost immediately after his first few steps. It's not because he is uncoordinated... he is just getting a little older, and he has pretty frail bones. He's gotten about halfway through one Stage 1 though. Even though he is definitely not the best, he is still loved by all Ninja Warrior fans as a challenger who puts up a, well... "decent" fight on SASUKE.