Ninja Warrior 3: Total Renewal is the third out of four installments in UnrealCanine's "Ninja Warrior" online game series.

Introduction Edit

The game follows the previous events, being that after the original course was conquered by Jon, it was redesigned into the Grand Renewal course. However, that course was then conquered by Danny for a second Kanzenseiha. Now the course has been rebuilt once again, and now, with the idea of a third champion being nearly inconceivable, 100 more challengers step up to the starting block.

"After the Grand Renewal Course was conquered by Danny, the course was totally redesigned and is now thought to be impossible. Still there are many more competitors willing to give it a shot.

"Battle through the four stages of Haruyama. Use your speed, agility, and strength to battle through until the final stage race to the top of the tower. Don't get wet and press that button." - From the description on DeviantART.

Gameplay Edit

Although it is not revealed in-game, the competitor's name is Shinji.

Stage 1 :

  1. Hill Climb
  2. Bridge of Blades
  3. Rolling Log
  4. Jump Hang
  5. Giant Swing
  6. Great Wall
  7. Rope Glider
  8. Final Climb

Stage 2 :

  1. Downhill Jump
  2. Double Salmon Ladder
  3. Spider Walk
  4. Balance Tank
  5. Reverse Conveyor Belt
  6. Wall Lift

Stage 3 :

  1. Roulette Cylinder
  2. Arm Bike
  3. Lamp Grasper
  4. Neo Cliffhanger
  5. Flying Bar
  6. Unstable Bridge
  7. Devil Steps
  8. Gunshot Bar Glider

Stage 4 :

  1. Lumberjack Climb
  2. G Rope