The Pipe Slider was the final obstacle in the Third Stage for the first 17 competitions, however, after Makoto Nagano's success, it was replaced with the Gliding Ring.


The competitor must slide a bar along a straight track, until the reach the end of the track. Then, they must hoist themselves onto a green bar, where they can recuperate, before taking on the final part of the course. Then, they must grab a second bar, and slide that along a track perpendicular to the rest of the stage. Near the landing platform, the pipe will be stopped on its tracks, and the competitor must swing to the landing platform, and stay on.

14th - 17th TournamentEdit

In the 14th Tournament, three new obstacles were introduced - The Jumping Bars, The Bridge of Destiny and The Devil's Swing. Because of the addition of these obstacles, the Pipe Slider became one track instead of two, but the track was still perpendicular to the rest of the course.

Landing PlatformEdit

In the first three tournaments, the pipe stopped literally above the platform. This, however, allowed five people to reach the Final Stage in the third tournament. Then the gap was increased, forcing you to swing to the platform, rather than step on it. The gap between the pipe and the platform was two metres by the time Makoto Nagano completed the course.

The trickiest bit of the late design is, while the bar can't move any further forward, it can slide backwards if you have too much momentum on a back swing.


In the 2nd Tournament, Masakazu Ebihara was disqualified on the Pipe Slider. He pulled too hard on one side of the pipe, causing it to fall of the tracks.

In the 4th Tournament Travis Alan Schraeder was disqualified for the same reason.

In the 6th Tournament Katsumi Yamada was disqualified. He reached the end, and got onto the mat, but lost his balance and fell sideways off it at the last moment.