This tournament aired in Spring 2006. This tournament was the one where Makoto Nagano acheived Total Victory became the second of three men in history to clear the whole course.

thumb|300px|right|Makoto Nagano's run in the 17th Ninja Warrior tournament which culminated in Total Victory

Results for competetors who reached Stage 3 or Higher.

No.99 Makoto Nagano TOTAL VICTORY

No.87 Shunsuke Nagasaki failed Final Rope/Final

No.91 Toshihiro Takeda failed Pipe Slider/3rd

No.86 Paul Terek failed Cliff Hanger/3rd

No.95 Bunpei Shiratori failed Body Prop/3rd

No.98 Shingo Yamamoto failed Body Prop/3rd

No.67 Yuta Adachi failed Body Prop/3rd

No.81 Daisuke Nakata failed Arm Rings/3rd