thumb|314px|right|Makoto Nagano's short-lived Stage 2 run in the 22nd Ninja Warrior tournamentThis tournament aired in Spring 2008 which held the 2nd American Ninja Challenge with Levi Meeueenburg, Orosco ,and returning American Brett Sims. The numbering system ran from 1901-2000. See why in Sasuke 10.

Results for competitors who cleared Stage 1Edit

No.1989 Levi Meeueenburg Failed Shin-Cliff Hanger 3rd

No. ? Yoshiyuki Okuyama Failed Stick Slider 2nd

No. 2000 Makoto Nagano Failed Downhill Jump 2nd


First StageEdit

Sextuple Step, Log Grip, Pole Maze, Jumping Spider, Halfpipe Attack, Warped Wall, Flying Chute, Tarzan Rope, Rope Ladder,

Time Limit: 120 seconds

Second StageEdit

Downhill Jump, Salmon Ladder, Stick Slider, Swing Ladder, Metal Spin, Wall Lift.

Time Limit: 90 seconds

Third StageEdit

Arm Rings, (Descending) Globe Grasp, Devil Steps, Shin-Cliffhanger, Jumping Bars, Sending Climber, Spider Flip, Final Ring.

Time Limit: Unlimited

Final StageEdit

Heavenly Ladder, G-Rope thumb|290px|right|Levi Meeuwenberg's Stage 3 run in the 20th Ninja Warrior tournament

Time Limit: 45 seconds

Results for other competitorsEdit

No. 1901 Kazuhiko Akiyama Failed Half-Pipe Attack 1st