This competition takes place in fall 2009. In this competition, in stage 1, the sextuple steps have been replaced by the Twelve Timbers, and in Stage 2, the Swing Ladder has been replaced by the Unstable Bridge. Lee Enchi failed the Metal Spin once again just like in Sasuke 17 years ago.

Result for contenders that reached Stage 3

Makoto Nagano failed G-Rope Final_100 Final

Hitoshi Kanno failed G-Rope Final_96 Final

Kenji Takahashi failed Gliding Ring_84 3rd

Yoshiyuki Okuyama failed Spider Flip_92 3rd

Toshihiro Takeda failed Spider Flip_97 3rd

Levi Meeuenburg failed Shin-Cliffhanger_95 3rd

Shingo Yamamoto quit Arm Rings_93 3rd

(NOTE: The reason why Yamamoto quit the Arm Rings in Stage 3 was because of his shoulder injury, which he had suffered several tournaments back. And due to Nagano's advice, he was forced to quit and dropped into the water below from the Arm Rings.)

Other people that made it past Stage 1 and beyond in the last tournament suffered shocking defeats in this tournament. The competitors were:

Yuji Urushihara failed Unstable Bridge_?? 2nd

Lee Enchi failed Metal Spin_?? 2nd