This tournament aired in Autumn 2001 and is the first tournament with rain on the course. Because of the rain on the course, it was difficult for some of the challengers to clear the course. Makoto Nagano then-future Grand Champion returned to Ninja Warrior for a second run on the Ninja Warrior course, but could still not get past the Warped Wall.

thumb|300px|right|Makoto Nagano's run in Sasuke 8, which was short-lived due to his failure on the Warped Wall.

Results for competetors who reached Stage 3 or Higher.

No.91 Kane Kosugi failed Final Rope/Final

No.59 Jordan Jovtchev failed Spider Climb/Final

No.71 Toshihiro Takeda failed Pipe Slider/3rd

No.89 Shoei failed Body Prop/3rd

NOTE:Jovtchev started 2 seconds late and before he could reach the rope the walls slid apart after 15 seconds.